Strawberry Sweet Preserve

fraoula_piato• The sweet
The strawberries used in our sweets comes from holistically managed cultivations in the Western Peloponnese (from the Ilia and Achaia prefectures). In this area with the mild, sweet Mediterranean climate Strawberry Sweet shrubs have found the ideal conditions to produce fruit with deep red color and unique aroma- characteristics of high-quality Strawberry Sweet- leaving for the end the characteristic sour aftertaste that only the finest ingredients and the care of our people can offer. Having a deep knowledge of the sensitivity of this wonderful fruit, we adapted the process in such a way so as to create this unique sweet with the marvelous deep color and the complex aroma of Strawberry Sweet and caramel.

• The fruit
Strawberries belong to the family Rosaceae, with ca. 15 species originating from northern areas of milder climate. It is assumed that its origin can be traced to Chile. The fruit of this wild species is small, very sweet and tasty. The Romans were the first to discover it, but the shrub was cultivated for the first time during the Middle Ages in the Alps and, following that, it spread to the rest of Europe. Its cultivation however expanded considerably in the 18th century when a new species arrived from Chile, providing the basis for all new varieties that exist today – up to 600 in number. It is especially nutritious, as it contains copious amounts of vitamin C, E, A (carotene), calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, magnesium, selenium, tannins and a sizable quantity of natural fibers. The ingredients it contains have positive effects on those suffering from rheumatism and gall bladder conditions (primarily due to the vitamin content), constipation (primarily due to the fiber content) and those suffering from anemia and hypertension. It also cleanses fraoula_froutothe bloodstream, promotes urination while it helps in the removal of toxins. It also has cosmeticproperties. An interesting study has shown that mixing Strawberry Sweet with alcohol in a cocktail format increases its antioxidant properties by 30%, fighting free radicals that are linked with the process of aging. (J. Sc. Food Agriculture, 2005). Moreover, due to the Vitamin C and Potassium contained in generous amounts, strawberries have extra benefits in the fight against osteoporosis, coronary disease and cancer prevention.