Bitter Orange sweet preserve

neratzi_piato• The sweet
As a sweet preserve bitter orange is exquisite in aroma and flavors and an integral part of traditions in many areas of Greece. The fragrant bitter orange, green or in peel format, is considered to have a special place in the hierarchy of sweet preserves, as it demands care and knowledge. In bitter orange sweet preserve one can find a generous offer of flavors, balancing between alternating bitter and sweet sensations, a balance that demands a certain degree of mastery to be achieved.

• The fruit
The Bitter Orange Tree belongs to the citrus family and originates from Vietnam. It is cultivated in tropical areas as well as the Mediterranean basin. The tree is resistant to cold as well as drought. It is also used as a subject for the inoculation of other citrus trees. The blossoms of the tree are used to extract essential oils for neratzi_froutofragrance production. The fruit although resembling the orange has a completely different taste. As the fruit is very bitter and sour they are not consumed raw. As in the case of the orange, bitter oranges contain many substances of high nutritional value. Its peel is used as the base for various concoctions, such as «sirop d’orange», as well as various liqueurs such as Curacao in the Netherlands.