Sun dried tomatoes

    It's a product made from our own tomatoes, grown in the plain of Copais.
  We choose the best, ripe, healthy and vivid red tomatoes. We wash and cut these in the middle, we salt and spread them to accept the beneficial power of the sun and the cool breeze that blows on the plateau, at an altitude of 600 m, where our facilities are located. Thus the drying is done at a low temperature of 30-35 °C and the final product retains all the nutritional characteristics of the fresh tomato. We do not add preservatives or other enhancers.
   It is a product made only from Greek Earth, Sun, Sea (for salt), and ... a lot of passion. Packed in glass jars of 280gr, 1500gr and in vacuum packages of 250gr, 500gr, 1000gr preserving them as fresh as on their production day, until the moment you enjoy them…
Did you know that?
- Dried tomatoes contain no fat or trans fats, no cholesterol, and are naturally low in calories
- Have 12 times more Lycopene - a potent antioxidant - than a raw tomato
- May help lower the risk of breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, heart and lung disease
- Are anatural source of iron and vitamins A, B1, C, E K; potassium, niacin and fiber
- Contain high levels of umami which plays an important role in making food taste delicious
- Contribute to normal digestion of dietary protein due to their high level of glutamate
- Protect from UV sun damage