Bergamot sweet preserve

• The sweetpergam_piato
The sweet preserve produced from bergamot, apart from being eaten on its own, is ideal spread over creamy sweets. When the fruit preserve is over, we can use the syrup to soak cake bases or biscuits used as layers for sweets. Our Bergamot sweet preserve will impress you with its bright hay-yellow coloration combined with its exquisite taste characteristics - but primarily with the intense aroma of this unique fruit.

• The fruit
The Bergamot Tree (Citrus Bergamia) belongs to the citrus family. The tree is evergreen and is cultivated primarily in warm climates as it is sensitive to cold – in areas such as Calabria, the Ivory Coast and in Greece in Corinth, Argos, Corfu and Cephalonia. Without a clear point of origin, many believe that it is a natural mutation of other citrus tree species. According to some, it may originate from areas as pergam_froutodiverse as China, Greece, Spain, the Canary Islands and Barbados. It is also said that the name may originates from Turkish beg-armudi that is «prince’s pear or prince of pears’. The Bergamot Orange has a prominent base, and its flesh cannot be consumed raw. The grated peer is used widely in pastry. Its therapeutic properties are many: analgesic, antidepressant, antiseptic, throat-cleaning, and soothing. Its essential oil is in high demand and used in aromatherapy.